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Basic configuration ANDIMAXX
Standard Controller FANUC
Optional Controller Syntec
HP 11
Taper/Cone HSK-63F
Max RPM 24.000 rpm
Cooling(std) air-cooled
Optional Cooling water-cooled
No. of Tools 10
Type Dynamic (moves with Spindle)
No. of Tool Holders/collets included with machine 10 / 20
Size 1600mm x 3700mm
No. of Vacuum Zones 1
Part Locating Pop-Up Pins 8
Table top part material Hi-Pressure phenolic-grid
Table base Steel Construction
No. of Pumps 1
HP 7,5 Kw
Optional Vacuum Pumps(HP) 7.5 Kw ,19 Kw, 30 Kw, 37 Kw
Auto Tool Length Setter inclusive
Manual Jog Control(MPG) inclusive
Additional Spindles 11, 15
Aluminum Table Top in lieu of Phenolic top optional
Bar code reader optional
Touch Screen optional
C-axis optional
Reverse Air Flow for Vacuum Table optional
Mister for Cutting Tools optional
Line Boring Units(no of spindles) 10, 17
Additional Tool Storage 16, 20 ,32 tools
Manual Material Handling optional

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